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Update  2021

Presbyterian Church of the Covenant 

            Linda Mansperger took a trip to the “Longneck Manor” outside of Fredericksburg, TX. She had fun with a juvenile rhino who weighed in at 3,000 pounds and will fill out to 5,000 pounds in the years to come.  Linda also had the chance to feed a giraffe while standing on the balcony of the barn, while the giraffe stands on the ground!

Summer has meant boredom for some of us, rest for others and adventure for a few.  Recently 35 of us ate dinner with our mission co-worker Pam in the Fellowship Hall.  We listened and watched while she shared pictures and described sharing our faith in Christ in a culture with less than two one thousands percent Christian.  With such a tiny minority representation there are always questions about visas, travel and safety—so we do not use her last name, country in which she works or the church where she and others worship!  Another adventurer.  In fact the past year has been an adventure.  Covenant has purchased both a set of Chimes and Bells to add to our music on Sunday mornings.  We continue to learn about “streaming our worship service” (with a $10,000 grant from Peace River Presbytery and funds on hand from the church).  Carla Chase, Linda Mansperger, Alan and Diane Steiger and Dana Trimble have all pitched in to develop new skills with cameras and control panel, so that for the first time in 54 years people beyond the sanctuary can worship with those inside the sanctuary!

We have relied on Ross and Lois Reed for flowers each Sunday to brighten our services.  In recent weeks we have been graced with a delightful nine year old and a few moments in worship devoted to that one young person.  There have been repairs to the Fellowship Hall that very few outside the Session could identify.  We are indebted to everyone who has shared time, talents and treasures to add vitality to church!

We have welcomed a variety of new faces to worship and Session is optimistic about some new members this fall.  Choir, Chime and Bell rehearsals will begin on Wednesday, September 15th.  If you have been reticent about singing in the past perhaps there is a place for you with the ringers or chimers!  The Clothes Closet Boutique has had a busy summer providing opportunities to empty a few closets and support a variety of mission endeavors within and beyond the church.  We celebrate prayers answered and opportunities to pray for relationships that emerge.                                                                              



 Please remember those who remain in Afghanistan; Victims of flooding across the south and eastern portions of our country; the ongoing struggle with fire and smoke in the west—where air quality is literally hazardous to health; the medical community who struggle to care for victims of COVID and the Delta variant; the United States military and especially eleven Marines, an Army soldier and Navy corpsman who sacrificed their lives defending the lives of others; our nations President, Congress and Supreme Court; Norma Lewis; Cynthia (Fred and Ellen Hummel’s daughter); Eddie Ruby (waiting for a kidney donor); Binnie Trimble; Tom Miner; Don Bates; Marilyn Gabriel; Ronnie Crain; Anna Fox; Lois Reed; Claire “Chickie Johnson, Dona Whitehouse, Jim Diefenderfer, Janet Squier, Marilyn Brown, June Wright and her sister Gail Heins, Sue Spicer’s brother John Harrison, Doug and Muriel Maxwell, Linda Page, David King, Curt and Nancy Hood travelling to San Francisco for a grandson’s wedding, Carol and Harold Paul, A.J. Krueger, Barbara O’Reilly, Mision Peniel and its leaders Miguel Estrada and Ruth DeYoe, our sister churches in Peace River Presbytery from Naples to Bradenton to Arcadia.


Birthdays in  September:   Barbara Gerhardt 1st ,  Claire “Chickie” Johnson 8th, Sue Spicer 16th.

 Birthdays in  October: June Wright 3rd,  Harold Paul 6th, Marilyn Brown 12th, Carol Harz 16th,  Ron Adams 28th, Linda Page 29th, June Buck 30th.



  In 2 Corinthians 12 the apostle Paul wrote that he implored God to remove “a thorn in his flesh,” but each time God responded:  “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness…” so we continue to affirm Christ’s power at work through you, your generosity and the grace of Christ continue to nurture our faith and extend opportunity for worship, mission and fellowship.  Soon there will be others returning to Sarasota after a summer away and we look forward to sharing the fellowship of Christ and his church.

With you in His service,  Mike Mansperger

P.S. If you would like to strengthen both the church’s fellowship and mission, how about volunteering to help in the Clothes Closet Boutique on Friday or Saturday mornings?